Assembly of Vox  is very simple.

Be sure to only use the liners provided with Vox - they are especially made for Vox. We supply different coloured and some clear liners, but they all do the same job.

Each liner is labelled. Pop the correct liner into your Vox. Fold the liner over the rim of Vox (approx half an inch, this will protect outer when filling with water).

Premade- ready for water and flowers.

Tying off at the neck.

Adding Liner.

The bottom flaps are all numbered. Simply follow the numbers Check the inside flap is flush with the inside bottom of your Vox.

Circular Vox - small
Please be sure to use only the liners supplied with Vox.
Please be sure to use only the liners supplied with Vox.

The side panels have score marks. Bend these 'flaps' inwards to start forming the shape of your Vox.

Some of our florists...
- prefer to secure the liner with a couple of staples, either with the liner over the rim or inside the rim.

Once you have made one Vox, you have them mastered, all our shapes and sizes form into their shape using the same simple steps.

Your choice-
Some of our florists,
- use a large size rubber band. This allows for the neck to expand if needed when placing a hand tied bouquet or strauss into the water of Vox. The band gets covered when you add your bow, raffia etc.
Other florists,
- like to tie the necks off a little tighter, with curling ribbon, raffia or even their finishing ribbon.


Other florists...
- don't staple at all and simply fold the liner under their flowers.


Both these methods are used in large
Vox System Studios
- your choice.

Square Vox - medium
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Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

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