Water is contantly moving up the stems of plants/flowers, carrying nutrients, bud to bloom.

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Flowers stressed,
dying of thirst.

Dying of thirst !

Here's some Simple Basic Botany


FACT : Without water, flowers suffer irreversible cell damage in minutes. Contary to popular belief, 'wet-wrapping' of stems will not save the life of your flowers. Wet wrapping & waterbagging offers little, in the way of flower care, or customer convenience and service.

FACT : Recipients of these bouquets often have difficulty fulfilling your care card requirements. (resuscitation tasks)They don't always have cutters, water or a container the correct size.

Respiration  (we humans use air, a plant uses water.)
water is constantly moving, (through tissue) up the stem delivering and releasing nutrients and minerals to the plants cells for energy and growth.

Transpiration  (we humans perspire).
The flower/plant has a built in cooling system. It's constantly cooling itself, even in a cold climate. Air flows over the leaves and the petals, and creates pressure which acts like a pump to help the flower/plant to draw water upwards (against gravity). This water is dispersed out through pores in its leaves and petals as an invisible vapour.

Some of us make
the effort with 'wet wrap'.
A "Wet Wrap" merely offers moist air (and a messy inconvenience to the customer).

Flowers presented user-friendly with impact to impress, ensures consumers gestures are fully enjoyed. Perceived and realized as a value gift.

...different attitude.

Naturally respiration and transpiration are more closely interdependent than this simple explanation. More information is available from our office if you want to get really deep into botany !

FOOD IS STORED in the stem.
The only way this food can be released,
(for energy to grow) is to continue the water chain.
This is best achieved when the flower is in an upright position,
with freely available water with the
absence of air in the stem.

Every time WE HANDLE,
(make a bouquet), wound (cut),
or disturb flowers (move, transport)

stressing occurs,
causing the
flowers temperature to increase,
more energy is used, requiring more food, requiring more water.

built in cooling system activates dispersing vapour
through the leaves and petals.
What little
water stored in the stems is
quickly used.

The demand for water dramatically increases.


Without water, the buds won't open.

Bud to Bloom,

Whilst flowers may look healthy leaving your studio, the symptoms your customers may experience include; 
     wilted leaves and stems, 
     buds that don't bloom,
     irreversible deterioration, 
     shorter flower life overall
.    the inconvenience of having 
     to tend to their  flowers immediately.
All of which you may not be aware of or hear about. All of which is now unnecessary wrapping with VOX.

Don't let one of your beautiful bouquets end up in a jar or saucepan. Vox is so convenient for the recipient of your flowers.

Jars Pots?

...continue the water chain...

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Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

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Florists Love Vox.
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FACT : Light reflection in water increases bacterial growth, reducing flower life. Light reflection in Vox is minimal - if any.  Recipients don't  always want or need another vase or similar solid container.

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Vox offers Flowers all their  Respiration and Transpiration Needs

   þ Standing Upright
               - in their natural growing position.
   þ Drinking Water
               - essential to their longevity.
   þ Minimal Airlocks
               - essential to their longevity.
   þ Respiring
              - we humans use air, a plant uses water...more below
              - we humans perspire...more below
   þ Reduced levels of bacteria in water

              - light reflection in the water is minimal.

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