Can I use photos from the Vox Bouquet Gallery on my website ?
We are here to help you make more sales.
So the answer is, yes, - with a couple of conditions:

    1)You need to be a customer of ours, purchasing and using Vox. 
    2)The word Vox needs to be in your description. 
    3)The flowers need to be presented to recipient wrapped in Vox.

Trust you view this as fair.
If you would like a higher resolution photo sent to you,
or perhaps a background introduced, no problem, we can help contact us and we will be in touch. If you are a relay network, wishing to provide your consumers and members with variety, contact us, we are happy to assist.

Naturally, should our relationship alter, cease, or not even exist,
you agree to immediately remove our images,logos,designs,trademark/s and any other Intellectual property material created/owned by us, from your website and any other material.
How do I describe Vox to my customers?
The name Vox comes from the combination of V-ase, b-OX.
It's not a vase or a box, it's VOX.
A flower wrapping system that can double as a vase.

Which section/category do I show Vox bouquets on my web site? 
Many florists have a Vox category.
Others have Vox in their bouquet section,
Others have Vox in their arrangement section - Vox lives/works in both categories.
Gives the recipients choices. We suggest- you have Vox in your best sellers!

Do I need floral foam ?
All that is needed is water.
You can if you wish. If you are arranging directly into Vox,
perhaps not using a lot of stems, it may give you better
placement control. 

Any further questions not answered here?
We are happy to help, feel free to > contact us.

Can I put flower food in the water?
Yes, no problem at all. We encourage it, it works.

Is Vox a wrap for bouquets or a container for arrangements ?
Well, it's both or either and all.
That's one of the great advantages to Vox !
Some florists hand-tie their cut flowers into a bouquet, 
before placing in Vox, others work their flowers directly into Vox.
Vox gives your customers choices. If your customer prefers to enjoy their flowers as an arrangement, they can, if they prefer to transfer to their favourite vase, they can  - their choice - every and anyway, you come out looking brilliant !
PS. We suspect few recipients of Vox flowers, actually transfer their bouquets to a vase, they are thrilled with the presentation-but it's nice they have the choice.

I'm 'wet-wrapping' with tissue so my flowers will be okay, won't they ?
Sorry - that method of flower preservation is a Myth Exposed.
Check out > Flowers Love Vox and find out why.

I'm waterbagging my flowers so my flowers will be okay, won't they ?
Well, it demonstrates you realize flowers have a need for continuous water.
There 's the danger of leaving a messy water trail behind the bouquet. Not all stems reaching water and the recipient not realizing the 'bomb' is attached, laying the flowers down or the flowers falling over. So, this method has it's problems to the recipients.

What do you mean 'value adding' ?
The flowers will last longer and be incredibly convenient, therefore you are adding value to the purchase.

How do I price Vox?
Generally, florists price Vox the same way they price their wrapping  papers - into their bouquet- to give a total unit price.

Is Vox enviromentally friendly Vox?
Yes, all components are recyclable.
Find out more here > enviromentally friendly packaging.



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Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
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