Flowers into Vox

Hand-tied Bouquets into Vox.
Working directly into Vox

Hand-ties or Working directly into Vox. Both these methods are used in floral studios.
Both methods work well, your choice.

Simply create a base using greenery and place your flowers into your Vox as you would a vase.

After creating your bouquet, measure the stems against the
Vox you are using.

Cut your stems to length.               Angle trim if required.

Guide your stems into the liner.    If you haven't already attached your liner, simply tuck in under flowers.

Turn the Vox as you tuck all sides of the liner in.

If you have used mesh, tulle or similar fabric,
simply arrange it around the base of your flowers.
 Attach your delivery card here, if you wish.
 Finish off with your bow of choice.


You can...also, easily attach mesh, tulle or similar fabric for a different style.

All of these flowers have been designed directly into Vox.

The beautiful result.

Flowers Love Vox.

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Consumers Love Vox.
Florists Love Vox.

How to place your flowers into Vox.

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