A sheet of coloured cellaphane has been cut into 6 even pieces. Fold the corners to create points and staple the middle of the pieces to the rim of Vox Give the 'flamingo vox' look and your bouquet will look much bigger.

Decorations -are easy when you want to add a theme.

Any Artists in the Studio ?

One of a kind treasures.

A frill of coloured cellaphane is stapled to the rim of Vox.

Inexpensive gold chain spot-glued hangs from the neck of this Vox, finished with a piece of gold braid. Simple yet elegant

Inexpensive pieces of coloured foam. Decorate one side, flip the Vox and decorate the other side.

...raffia with shells or perhaps beads threaded.

Consider this -
does it always need to be a bow ?

...feather tie is fun. 

Add on's are easy with Vox
-place balloons into Vox, tie toys around the neck.

...tissue fluted, cord tie with a silk rose.

An added wrap as shown here can be tied to Vox before flowers are added, or after flowers are added. On a big event day, it's easy to have lots premade - simply add flowers on the day.

Thinking outside the box is easy when it's Vox.

Versatile Vox

Vox opens a whole new world to your creativity only limited by your imagination. Giving your Vox your own distinctive look is easy. Here are just a few ideas.

Delight recipients. Attract new customers.


A combination of mesh and paper is used here.

View into top of Vox

View from the front of Vox

View from the back of Vox

The beautiful result.

Fabric, mesh, tulle wrap adds softness.

Quick and easy enhancements.

 Design several at one time.

Add your own artistry.
Adding a celebration theme is easy with the many stickers available today, birthdays, farewell, congratulation...etc. Why not check out your local supplier of scrap booking merchandise.

Pre-decorated for fast flower design at busy times.

Flowers Love Vox.

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Consumers Love Vox.
Florists Love Vox.

How to enhance Vox..

Drama free, useful wrapping. 

View a few ideas.

Moss can sit easily around the rim of Vox. Tucked under a rubberband at the neck. Add a bow if you wish. Great for more structured designs.

Pre-decorated for fast flower wrap at busy times. Straight into water - ready to go.

Leaf stems sitting in water, looped and tucked under a rubber band and the neck. Vines tie around the neck.

Flax sheet wrap gives a pacifica look. Tying on shells and or pieces of drift wood is easy.

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