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Flowers and water can get heavy. We at Vox understand this, Vox has been created and developed by florists. Rigorously tested, designed and built for the job.

Simple, no fuss, modern lines compliment your flower bouquets.

Easy and safe to pick up and transport.

Vox offers flowers all their transpiration and respiration needs. Light reflection in the water is minimal therefore, reducing the the speed of bacterial growth- flowers live longer in Vox.

The natural fibre of the outer case is similar to flowers, making them the perfect companion to flowers.

Environmentally friendly packaging.
Every part of Vox can be recycled or is biodegradable.
The board manufacture is a combination of recycled and virgin paper. Virgin papers are sourced from properly managed plantation forests. 100% recyclable. The adhesives used to bond the outer layers of cardboard with the corrigated core is made from natural starch extracted from wheat, tapioca or maize. This adhesive contains no hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable and recyclable.
Only water based inks are used. All are biodegradable and readily recyclable with the cardboard. Our liners are  manufactured with a portion of recycled products, these can be recycled.

Features & Benefits 

Safe handling.

Easy Storage.


Compare this to the storage of 100 containers.

100 Vox!

Vox arrive to you flat.

Vox are made of a high quality recyclable cardboard and custom-made, heavy duty liner.

Quickly and simply vox convert into safe, portable, attractive, disposable water vessels for your flowers.
User- friendly for you, your couriers, your customers.



Flowers Love Vox.

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Consumers Love Vox.
Florists Love Vox.

Why Florists Choose Vox.

Drama free, useful wrapping. 

View a few ideas.

The Vox Range is easily recognized for their uniquely distinctive shapes.

Easy colour viewing.