Co-ordinate, contrast, studio theme, your bouquets. The choice is yours - classic natural hues, soft pastels or add bursts of colour from our vivid bold hues.

Easily Enhanced.
Colourful inspiration for your team.

Simply pop Vox together, add water, add flowers, finish with a bow or similar tie... it's that easy!


Colour gone crazy!

Efficient work-rooms.

Proven Wrapping System

Flowers drinking water, looking fabulous, protected on big days.
Can sit directly on the studio floor.
No rush to get home, flowers drinking. safe to carry in Vox.
Vox are transported everyday by many couriers.
Cash and Carries Voxed, Ready to Go
Many colours to choose from.
The Vox range has many colours to choose from.
Florists achieving the best success with Vox, always have them pre-made ready for water and flowers.
Colour co-ordinate your Vox , pick up a flower colour within your bouquet.
Pre-made Vox- ready for flowers.
Vox Range has many colours to choose from.
Cooler displays.

Courier Friendly,
Safe for All to Handle.
Hundreds of thousands
of flower bouquets are being presented to consumers with Vox. Transported easily by floral couriers. They are so safe and stable.

Adding Value.
Floral studios are finding Vox to be indispensable. Florists only guarantee their flower bouquets when wrapped with Vox. The difference Vox has made to the longevity of the flowers, the improved customer service, the opportunity to add their own style and identity is quickly realised.

Eye-catching Studio Fronts and Cooler Displays. You can't go wrong having a selection ready for customers to purchase and carry away.

Customer convenience with choice.

Vox Flowers seperated into areas at the Courier meet.


Profit margins are assured when flowers are pre-selected and priced ready to be designed into Vox.

The tags on these Vox show the flower price content: ie $50, $45 etc, ensuring correct profit margins are maintained in your studio. The flowers are in water, ready for florists to design and place back into Vox.

Vox flowers, easily displayed in your floral studio.
Easy for customers to transport their Vox flowers without damaging them.

Seat belted in.
If your customer isn't going
straight home, no problem when wrapped with Vox.

No double handling - stems in water.
No requests to the recipients to recut stems, you have done it for them.
No shop display vases to constantly clean after bouquet sold.
Flowers are ready to go, no need to outer box them, they won't shatter.
Recognize this women?
Yes, Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand smiles after receiving a Vox Bouquet presented to her by the NZ Flower Council. No problem if she isn't leaving the function for several hours- her flowers are protected and nourished.
After 9 years as Prime Minister she has recently been appointment the head of the United Nations Development Programme. We wish her well.
Safe for children to carry.
 Versatile Vox.
Flowers Love Vox.

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Consumers Love Vox.
Florists Love Vox.

How to increase your profit with Vox.

Drama free, useful wrapping. 

View a few ideas.

Time saving, safe displays.
All your bouquets are pre-wrapped, ready to sell.
After purchasing, customers simply and safely carry the whole unit away. Additional packaging no longer necessary, seat-belting Vox into their vehicles. Cleaning and refilling cash and carry containers is now a task of the past. Safe displays on any floor surface or shelf.

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